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Press Conference Today!

kirkwood trees

When?  2PM on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Where?  145 Norwood Ave., Atlanta, GA

What's This About?  

There is a rare Old White Oak Grove on the east side of Atlanta where a developer intends to cut down the entire grove of historic white oaks, along with DeKalb County's Champion White Oak, to build 11 homes and 1 retention pond on a 2+ acre lot. Presently, this site houses an incredible grove of 6 great White Oaks, Tulip Poplar, Red Oak, and Hickory that stand together on "old growth" soil. One is a Champion White Oak, 58" DBH, and the others are not far behind. This clear cutting will leaving the site completely denuded of all these trees.  

Atlanta Protects Trees -- an Atlanta/Brookhaven tree advocacy organization that seeks to preserve historic and champion trees -- wants to see a Nature Educational Park made of this rare stand.  These trees could easily live another 200-500 years.  Atlanta Protects Trees has raised $5000 within the past two weeks to help buy the land.  The developer has not returned calls by the conservation fund for a park purchase, but instead, has built a 6 foot high fence with black cloth to hide the trees he plans to cut.

Unfortunately, the Atlanta Tree Ordinance does not protect these trees since they are in a "buildable area". There will be a press conference at 2pm this afternoon, Wednesday, September 30, at 145 Norwood Ave.where the trees are to be cut. Rep Stacey Abrams and Rep Taylor Bennett from the Brookhaven District are expected to attend along with Ryan Gainey. Please come join us and show your support for Atlanta's trees!

If the City of Atlanta and the Tree Commission cannot protect our rarest and best, then Atlanta will loose the beautiful green oasis and City in a Forest we are known for. We need all the support we can get at this press conference!